Our Values
Village Values

“There are Seven Pillars of Village Church that represent the foundation of the Church, which is Jesus Christ.”

Victory - We believe that we do not have to fight for victory, but we can fight from victory. At Village Church we serve because we are Victorious in Christ Jesus. Therefore, when we serve, we serve out of a place of Victory in our hearts knowing that the battle is won.

Integrity - We believe what you do behind the scene is as equally important as what you do in front of the crowds. At Village Church we believe in serving with integrity and living with integrity. The same way we serve when everybody can see is the same way we will live when nobody can see.

Love - We believe that God himself is the very essence of love. If you have a relationship with God through His Son Jesus, then you should love like Him. At Village Church we will serve out of love for our Savior and love for our Neighbor. There is nothing more important than love.

Leadership - We believe that strong leadership is essential for being able to grow in Christ. At Village Church we are committed to continuous growth so that we may continue to lead and develop other leaders. The best leaders are the best learners.

Accepting - We believe that God accepts all people no matter your past, present, or future circumstance. At Village Church your past, present, or future does not scare us. All people are accepted all the time.

Generosity - We believe that God is clear in his word about tithing to the church so that the ministry of God can be accomplished. At Village Church we believe in giving back to God generously, holding nothing back, so that we can use what is given to help change the world.

Excellence - We believe that God wants our very best all the time. At Village Church are committed to doing our best with the time God has given us to love, serve, and help change the city of Miami. We may not be perfect, but we will always strive for excellence in our church and in our lives.
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